Horoscope Summer 2018, what are the stars

Horoscope Summer 2018, what are the stars

The horoscope of the summer sign by sign. Let’s find out together what are the luckiest signs and those who will have to postpone projects, adventures and goodwill in September.


Too many spring disappointments reappear by changing the mood of the day often and making them react negatively to positive events. By the end of August you will have more luck but, to be really happy, in many cases you have to get rid of some annoying friends who punctually touch the uncovered nerve while knowing that it makes you feel bad.


Work hard but you will be gratified by a family that sustains you and finally recognizes your merits in so many daily sacrifices. Relatives are not so sweet with the partner. There is mistrust of her, abominable for those flaws that you too badly tolerated at certain times. However, you must support it, in good and bad luck.


You need to be more confident be yourself entrepreneurs, betting on everything that is offered but not exaggerated, with a good deal of modesty. The partner is patiently listened and observed, because his ideas are not always consistent with the actions. But at the end of the season there will be a turning point.


So many obstacles do not allow you to put your hands on what is of course to you. To divert you there are a lot of all the affections, between partners, family and friends, who in protecting you do not leave you free to wager on your future. Now you have the hard armor, nothing can scratch it and you know the new limits to which you push, without ever disturbing you. Do not be upset though, if you worry too much.


Emotional turbulence worse than climate. The season seems to overwhelm you like a tropical storm knocking on an Indo-Pacific island … but quiet! Tightness and pride allow you to resist and resume fast, you will be helped by your partner in every situation. What’s new at work there’s a new start by losing the old, so a dismissal does not have any negative effects. Or you will receive a promotion.


You will understand the role of the holiday when unexpectedly comes to illumination. Then you will unlock the psychological mechanisms in which you fell and did not allow you to be happy. Change will be healthy in all areas and you will want to push more not only at work but in feeling in general to supplement that slice of life that you often neglect.

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It is a good thing to turn more attention to the future but do not blame yourself if it does not go perfectly. You have given and will continue to give the best of you to others, even to those who do not deserve it. With the partner, however, there are several views that lead you to reflect on why you are together or are continuing to attend. Wait for the fall possibly before closing.

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