Dogs on the beach, things you can not miss for a perfect day

Do you dream of a vacation with your four-legged friend Go to the sea and want to take it with you Dogs at the beach here are the things you can not miss for a perfect day. Holidays must be a pleasant and relaxing moment for everyone, including our animals. This is why it is important to meet their needs and rhythms, organizing themselves before departure for a dog-sized holiday.

What is indispensable to put in your suitcase

Before leaving, make sure you have the health booklet, your passport if you go abroad, the bowls, your favorite cover, your dog, various toys, leashes, bags to collect your needs, biscuits and water and food for you. travel.
It is strongly advised to bring the dog muzzle as well because some places require it for a safety issue; on the market there are so many types, even very light, that leave the dog’s muzzle well without overwhelming it. Make sure the usual wearing collar has the badge in good condition so that all your data is legible. We suggest adding the +39 prefix if you plan to go abroad.

If you have chosen a sea destination it is good to know that unfortunately not all beaches accept dogs. The rules vary from common to common and it is therefore always better to get informed first, in order to avoid imposing quite heavy penalties. It is necessary to say that the sensitivity about this theme is growing and even many bathing establishments are beginning to understand that dogs are an increasingly present in families and that four-legged friends and masters have the right to spend their holidays together. Some beaches, for example, allow dog access only at certain times, and only in those moments, you can bring our four-legged friend to take a ride or a bath at sea.
The indispensable things for a beach day

In general, it is advisable to take the dog to the beach to exercise, such as long walks or racing on the shore, only in the coolest hours of the day, as in the morning before 10am and in the evening after 19pm.
It is very important to provide adequate protection from the sun, repairing the dog under the umbrella or under a small curtain to protect it from the sun’s rays, making it also frequent drinking. It is often underestimated the sunscreen for dogs, which is fundamental if it is exposed for long in the sun. In general, dogs do not bear much heat because they are not able to expel excess heat with sweating and, to maintain the right body temperature, increase respiratory rate they feel hot, they are purring by raising the heart rate. As a result, dogs are subject to heat shocks that sometimes risk being fatal. If we find that it is visibly fatigued for excessive heat, we can try to refresh the dog with wet cloths as the rapid evaporation of water subtracts heat to the body. If a real heat stroke is suspected it is advisable to contact a veterinarian.

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