Digital detox, the rules to detoxify from the technology on vacation

Digital detox, the rules to detoxify from the technology on vacation

Let’s face it we’re intoxicated by digital impulses. Whether we notice it or not, overwhelming news and virtual interactions make us irascible, unconcerned, and sometimes disconnected from reality The solution During holidays, do a digital detox diet. Here’s how to proceed.

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Sms, chat How many of these and other media stuffs interfere with you every day

And, above all, how many of these instruments do you feel invaded, forced, or even stressed

The risk of digital intoxication – experts say – is high and, above all, dangerous because it is unknown to most; while suffering a large portion of the population, in fact, many claim to have no perception of the severity of the phenomenon. Yet, the problem is there and the effects are seen in our lives.

In particular, the lack of direct and real contact with the interlocutors, while on the one hand allows us to feel more aseptic in the relationship, on the other we are illuding to have control of emotions but, in fact, is just a mere illusion. Check the profile of the other, see his daily activities, answer for rhymes at the posts, take a selfie etc. etc. we only illude to communicating, forcing us to focus on the relationship that out of the digital could not exist.

In short, the waste of unnecessary energies without any evidence of any nature and, often, indeed, the result of disappointing undefeated results and amorphouss.

Is everything so negative in the digital word No. It is only when it exceeds certain limits of tolerance.

How do we know that we have exceeded those limits

Let’s do the test

Failure to do without phone, hypod, or iphone at no time of the day is the first symptom
Believing that you are always required to communicate and explain your life, just as believing everyone is focused and waiting for our digital interactions is the second
Feeling in duty-right to be always on even in times of down is the third

Obviously, these symptoms may sum up many others, but surely these are more than enough to decide on a digital detox diet.

How to do it

Simply like for all other diets and taking advantage of the long-awaited holidays getting back on track and limiting your contacts with PC, phone etc. etc.

Give yourself time to get away from the internet. At first – experts say – will be difficult, but with time health will tell us thank you!

Start doing those activities where there is no social use only dinner out without a phone, chat for you and not in chat, a day without a post.

Finally, indulge in some time in a spa or out-of-the-way hike by noting that you will be unattainable. It’s your right to be.

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