Books for the summer, here are the titles that must not be missed under the umbrella

Books for the summer, here are the titles that must not be missed under the umbrella five novels and many passionate stories to live under the umbrella.

During the summer holidays you have more time to read and you have to take advantage of it! Irrespective of your favorite gender, whether they are love books or yellow, there are some releases every year that you can not ignore. Let’s see what are the 5 books that we have to read this summer.
Bruno Osimo, Desperate erotic fox, ed. Marcos y Marcos, 2014

Arturo decides to surprise his wife Alberta, returning from work first. She finds it, however, in a sweet company, and from there her life changes. I move, foods, doubts, suffering to the light. Arturo understands that he must let himself go, or rather, he must dance. Replacing the title of Lucio’s famous song in his own way, Arturo accompanies us through the rediscovery of love, when you never thought of having to rediscover it.
John Green, The Blame of the Stars, ed. Rizzoli, 2014

The editorial case of the year that has found fans all over the world. Hazel is 16 years old and has a rare illness. An experimental drug allows this disease to regress and the girl returns to live, with all the weight of a miracle on her shoulders and the responsibility of a second occasion given by the stars. Hazel, however, spent too many years in hospital doctors and cabs, getting familiar with her peers, with their thoughts and feelings, habits and games, is complicated and painful. On his way will appear Augustus, too young and unhappy, who will overwhelm him by giving them unforgettable moments of life. They will soon understand, however, that their encounter and those unrepeatable pieces of life have a price, perhaps decided by the stars, and will have to be paid.

Martos Raquel, It will be all right (and if it is not good … it is not yet the end), and. Feltrinelli, 2014

Carla is a radio speaker unable to silence, until one day she does not undergo vocal cords. Physicians are perentory not a word for six weeks! Carla lives the event as the end of the world, already in personal and work crisis, does not know how to communicate to others their own discomfort and suffering. It relies on technology, from whatsapp to email, to old post it, rediscovering the joy of real communication, not just words, but also gestures, looks and silences.

Dogs on the beach, things you can not miss for a perfect day

Do you dream of a vacation with your four-legged friend Go to the sea and want to take it with you Dogs at the beach here are the things you can not miss for a perfect day. Holidays must be a pleasant and relaxing moment for everyone, including our animals. This is why it is important to meet their needs and rhythms, organizing themselves before departure for a dog-sized holiday.

What is indispensable to put in your suitcase

Before leaving, make sure you have the health booklet, your passport if you go abroad, the bowls, your favorite cover, your dog, various toys, leashes, bags to collect your needs, biscuits and water and food for you. travel.
It is strongly advised to bring the dog muzzle as well because some places require it for a safety issue; on the market there are so many types, even very light, that leave the dog’s muzzle well without overwhelming it. Make sure the usual wearing collar has the badge in good condition so that all your data is legible. We suggest adding the +39 prefix if you plan to go abroad.

If you have chosen a sea destination it is good to know that unfortunately not all beaches accept dogs. The rules vary from common to common and it is therefore always better to get informed first, in order to avoid imposing quite heavy penalties. It is necessary to say that the sensitivity about this theme is growing and even many bathing establishments are beginning to understand that dogs are an increasingly present in families and that four-legged friends and masters have the right to spend their holidays together. Some beaches, for example, allow dog access only at certain times, and only in those moments, you can bring our four-legged friend to take a ride or a bath at sea.
The indispensable things for a beach day

In general, it is advisable to take the dog to the beach to exercise, such as long walks or racing on the shore, only in the coolest hours of the day, as in the morning before 10am and in the evening after 19pm.
It is very important to provide adequate protection from the sun, repairing the dog under the umbrella or under a small curtain to protect it from the sun’s rays, making it also frequent drinking. It is often underestimated the sunscreen for dogs, which is fundamental if it is exposed for long in the sun. In general, dogs do not bear much heat because they are not able to expel excess heat with sweating and, to maintain the right body temperature, increase respiratory rate they feel hot, they are purring by raising the heart rate. As a result, dogs are subject to heat shocks that sometimes risk being fatal. If we find that it is visibly fatigued for excessive heat, we can try to refresh the dog with wet cloths as the rapid evaporation of water subtracts heat to the body. If a real heat stroke is suspected it is advisable to contact a veterinarian.

Digital detox, the rules to detoxify from the technology on vacation

Let’s face it we’re intoxicated by digital impulses. Whether we notice it or not, overwhelming news and virtual interactions make us irascible, unconcerned, and sometimes disconnected from reality The solution During holidays, do a digital detox diet. Here’s how to proceed.

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Sms, chat How many of these and other media stuffs interfere with you every day

And, above all, how many of these instruments do you feel invaded, forced, or even stressed

The risk of digital intoxication – experts say – is high and, above all, dangerous because it is unknown to most; while suffering a large portion of the population, in fact, many claim to have no perception of the severity of the phenomenon. Yet, the problem is there and the effects are seen in our lives.

In particular, the lack of direct and real contact with the interlocutors, while on the one hand allows us to feel more aseptic in the relationship, on the other we are illuding to have control of emotions but, in fact, is just a mere illusion. Check the profile of the other, see his daily activities, answer for rhymes at the posts, take a selfie etc. etc. we only illude to communicating, forcing us to focus on the relationship that out of the digital could not exist.

In short, the waste of unnecessary energies without any evidence of any nature and, often, indeed, the result of disappointing undefeated results and amorphouss.

Is everything so negative in the digital word No. It is only when it exceeds certain limits of tolerance.

How do we know that we have exceeded those limits

Let’s do the test

Failure to do without phone, hypod, or iphone at no time of the day is the first symptom
Believing that you are always required to communicate and explain your life, just as believing everyone is focused and waiting for our digital interactions is the second
Feeling in duty-right to be always on even in times of down is the third

Obviously, these symptoms may sum up many others, but surely these are more than enough to decide on a digital detox diet.

How to do it

Simply like for all other diets and taking advantage of the long-awaited holidays getting back on track and limiting your contacts with PC, phone etc. etc.

Give yourself time to get away from the internet. At first – experts say – will be difficult, but with time health will tell us thank you!

Start doing those activities where there is no social use only dinner out without a phone, chat for you and not in chat, a day without a post.

Finally, indulge in some time in a spa or out-of-the-way hike by noting that you will be unattainable. It’s your right to be.

Holidays with children, how to organize them

Holidays with children, here’s how to organize a family trip without letting anybody out. Who told her that to go on vacation, do you have to wait for your children to grow Simply choose the right destination and arrange some child-friendly excursions.

There are so many Italians who leave vacation and travel every year, waiting for their children to grow big enough and manageable when they are away from home. But who said that holidays with children can not be done Here’s a few tips to design a trip that likes adults, but it’s also child-friendly.
Holidays for the whole family

We start from the assumption that vacation is for the whole family, so if you are planning holidays only and exclusively for the needs of the youngest, you risk coming back home more tired and stressed than when you left. The holiday is a stimulating moment to be shared in the family, but it must also make everyone happy, so if you are planning a visit to an amusement park, do not feel guilty whether the next day you will drag your children around the museums . Before departure, make a list of the places you will see and the activities you will do on holiday and try to find the right compromise between the needs of adults and those of the youngest.
Choose the right destination

Of course not all places are suitable for children and family vacations are very different from those in which they were paired. Not that there are banned places for the young, but for sure if your ideal vacation is in a luxury spa it is clear that you need to find a suitable accommodation that will also make the kids go out. Neo-parents during their first family travel to make sure they usually opt for a holiday in a village or residence, but nothing prevents you from going around the most beautiful art cities or enjoying a couple of days of pure relax in a spa, the important thing is that the choice choice offers fun and entertainment tips for other family members as well. A perfect seaside destination for the whole family The island of Elba offers many opportunities for leisure and relaxation for adults and children, thanks to activities and winds designed to satisfy all tastes.
Children are always children

Who has to do with children knows that things do not always go as planned, and in the middle there are often whims, games and stress. So do not expect a relaxing or stress-free vacation because more children are smaller than they are independent. In any case you just have to organize and accept the idea that the programs already made can take a different turn and you too will have your perfect, or almost perfect holidays.

Horoscope Summer 2018, what are the stars

The horoscope of the summer sign by sign. Let’s find out together what are the luckiest signs and those who will have to postpone projects, adventures and goodwill in September.


Too many spring disappointments reappear by changing the mood of the day often and making them react negatively to positive events. By the end of August you will have more luck but, to be really happy, in many cases you have to get rid of some annoying friends who punctually touch the uncovered nerve while knowing that it makes you feel bad.


Work hard but you will be gratified by a family that sustains you and finally recognizes your merits in so many daily sacrifices. Relatives are not so sweet with the partner. There is mistrust of her, abominable for those flaws that you too badly tolerated at certain times. However, you must support it, in good and bad luck.


You need to be more confident be yourself entrepreneurs, betting on everything that is offered but not exaggerated, with a good deal of modesty. The partner is patiently listened and observed, because his ideas are not always consistent with the actions. But at the end of the season there will be a turning point.


So many obstacles do not allow you to put your hands on what is of course to you. To divert you there are a lot of all the affections, between partners, family and friends, who in protecting you do not leave you free to wager on your future. Now you have the hard armor, nothing can scratch it and you know the new limits to which you push, without ever disturbing you. Do not be upset though, if you worry too much.


Emotional turbulence worse than climate. The season seems to overwhelm you like a tropical storm knocking on an Indo-Pacific island … but quiet! Tightness and pride allow you to resist and resume fast, you will be helped by your partner in every situation. What’s new at work there’s a new start by losing the old, so a dismissal does not have any negative effects. Or you will receive a promotion.


You will understand the role of the holiday when unexpectedly comes to illumination. Then you will unlock the psychological mechanisms in which you fell and did not allow you to be happy. Change will be healthy in all areas and you will want to push more not only at work but in feeling in general to supplement that slice of life that you often neglect.

Weight scale

It is a good thing to turn more attention to the future but do not blame yourself if it does not go perfectly. You have given and will continue to give the best of you to others, even to those who do not deserve it. With the partner, however, there are several views that lead you to reflect on why you are together or are continuing to attend. Wait for the fall possibly before closing.