Books for the summer, here are the titles that must not be missed under the umbrella

Books for the summer, here are the titles that must not be missed under the umbrella five novels and many passionate stories to live under the umbrella.

During the summer holidays you have more time to read and you have to take advantage of it! Irrespective of your favorite gender, whether they are love books or yellow, there are some releases every year that you can not ignore. Let’s see what are the 5 books that we have to read this summer.
Bruno Osimo, Desperate erotic fox, ed. Marcos y Marcos, 2014

Arturo decides to surprise his wife Alberta, returning from work first. She finds it, however, in a sweet company, and from there her life changes. I move, foods, doubts, suffering to the light. Arturo understands that he must let himself go, or rather, he must dance. Replacing the title of Lucio’s famous song in his own way, Arturo accompanies us through the rediscovery of love, when you never thought of having to rediscover it.
John Green, The Blame of the Stars, ed. Rizzoli, 2014

The editorial case of the year that has found fans all over the world. Hazel is 16 years old and has a rare illness. An experimental drug allows this disease to regress and the girl returns to live, with all the weight of a miracle on her shoulders and the responsibility of a second occasion given by the stars. Hazel, however, spent too many years in hospital doctors and cabs, getting familiar with her peers, with their thoughts and feelings, habits and games, is complicated and painful. On his way will appear Augustus, too young and unhappy, who will overwhelm him by giving them unforgettable moments of life. They will soon understand, however, that their encounter and those unrepeatable pieces of life have a price, perhaps decided by the stars, and will have to be paid.

Martos Raquel, It will be all right (and if it is not good … it is not yet the end), and. Feltrinelli, 2014

Carla is a radio speaker unable to silence, until one day she does not undergo vocal cords. Physicians are perentory not a word for six weeks! Carla lives the event as the end of the world, already in personal and work crisis, does not know how to communicate to others their own discomfort and suffering. It relies on technology, from whatsapp to email, to old post it, rediscovering the joy of real communication, not just words, but also gestures, looks and silences.

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